Central heating systems can often develop the following problems over time through general use:
  • Radiators are slow to warm up
  • Radiators feel cold or cold in places when you put a hand over them
  • Radiators frequently require bleeding
  • Water from the radiator looks dirty and discoloured
  • Your boiler becomes noticeably noisier
If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then your system probably needs Power Flushing. Power Flushing is a procedure where central heating systems are pumped with high velocity water to rid them of the scale and sludge that collect inside through use over time. The water pressure is kept low to ensure that no physical damage is caused to your heating system in the process. Power flushing is a very effective way of deep cleaning your central heating system. It can improve heating system performance by optimising the output of radiators and promoting energy efficiency. Power flushing can solve heating problems like the ones listed above and prevent boiler and pump failure. Power flushing can even help you lower your fuel bills due to an increase in boiler efficiency following a power flush. This is because the action of power flushing improves the circulation through the pipes so the radiators and the boiler do not have to work so hard. Nowadays, new central heating systems and boilers are now required to be chemically cleaned before boilers can be guaranteed by the manufacturer and power flushing is the best way to do this. As someone who is experienced in the use of power flushing equipment, I can deep clean your radiators and have your system at optimum efficiency once more in a very short time. All work is fully guaranteed. The best time to have your system power flushed is before the onset of winter weather. For information about power flushing or any other services in Bristol or Westbury-on-Trym,please contact me at this website or call me on Phone: 07973 178239
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